Pitches wanted for episodes for Popular Mechanic’s video series Made Here

Needed: Documentary DP. News Shooter / Video Journalist

Location: Global

Remuneration: $700 – $1200 flat fee • No expenses

Deadline: Posted 2 days ago • Expires in 17 days

Description: Popular Mechanics is looking to build on the success of its video series Made Here.

We’re looking to get an inside look at either industrial factories where products are mass-produced or smaller mom/pop operations. These facilities can produce household products, tech, food, etc.

Think larger scale, mass-produced products.Or even small-scale production operations, such as learning how everyday handmade products are made. Please see a few examples below.

A few important elements we consider when looking at pitches:Is the thing you’re shooting highly visual? Does it ooze with amazing, in its own way, is it oddly satisfying?

Can you shoot it brilliantly? What gear do you have (Only 4k, please)? Can you make magic happen?You must have access to the places you are pitching.

A few examples of previous episodes:

Hammond’s Candy:

Bamboo Bikes:

Swiss Army Knives:

Balloons: https://youtu.be/7hMlBS8CmGA

If all this sounds right up your alley, please send us your pitch! If chosen, the freelancer will then be asked to shoot the video. This is a 1-day shoot.

Final delivery will be sending us the raw media sent via Media Shuttle.

Deliverables: A Premiere project with clips lined up in correct order in 1 sequence.

Raw media sent via Media Shuttle.

Examples of visuals we like:

How baseballs are made:

How Syrian soap is made:

How Tobasco Sauce is made:

How candy canes are made:

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