Looking for shooters with pitches related to large amounts of food

Needed: Documentary DP / News Shooter / Video Journalist

Remuneration: $650 – $750 day rate • 2 days • No expenses

Deadline: Posted 5 months ago • Expires in 6 days

Description: We’re looking for events, festivals, kitchen, and/or traditional meals that feed hundreds, if not thousands of eaters.

The cooking process should be highly visual, which we can document from start to finish, with the food itself holding importance to the local community.

Big Batches is a show that focuses on how food brings people together, emphasizing the cultural and historical importance of food traditions. We focus on the strong characters that purvey the food, so having relationships with someone who is willing to discuss his/her work openly is key.

In the pitch, please include a description of the event/kitchen, how many servings we’ll see, what kind of access you can provide, and how you’d film the project. Additionally, please send links with pictures or videos, so we have an idea of what the process, food, and scale look like.

Deliverables: Footage (b-roll), Footage (guided tour), Footage (Chef & Patron interview), Audio (Natural sounds of cooking / ambient tone of restaurant), Translations (.srt file)

All raw footage should be delivered to us through MASV.



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